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14 hours ago

What We Played #294 Berserk, For Honor & Torment: Tides Of Numenera

Its been quite a whirlwind couple of weeks for me, having moved house just before heading off to the Final Fantasy Fan Festival in Frankfurt last weekend. Right now the forthcoming release schedule isnt looking like any less of a whirlwind, with March playing host to Horizon: Zero Dawn, Mass Effect Andromeda, Ghost Recon: Wildlands and Nier: Automata, and of course the upcoming release of a brand new Nintendo console and a brand new Legend.

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23 hours ago

Cubed3's Nintendo Switch Photoshoot

Are anyone ready with regard to Nintendo Switch? Coming on 3rd March via 279.99 within the UK (have an individual pre-ordered yours yet?), there is clearly a significant buzz. To get extra details about the popular cracking tech concerning Nintendo Console; check this .about what looks to become the comeback with regard to Nintendo that numerous are already waiting about 4 a extended time for, subsequent about from the frustration of the Wii U and also its incredibly unclear marketing as well as advertising marketing campaign and also lacklustre assistance following that. Nintendo switch will become the correct successor to end up being able to Wii, mixing collectively as much of your finest elements from your company's heritage as an individual can to deliver your ultimate is actually gaming for individuals the planet over.

Cubed3 has already carried out previews of the vast majority of key video games shown off already, which in turn you can easily examine out here, also as provided an initial impression about the system next upon in the Nintendo Swap Premiere event in January.

Gaming anytime, anywhere, with anyone. As stated through the biggest programmer team with regard to R4i Dual-Core .Presently there is planning to be a complete write-up on the system quickly enough, however for now, here really tend to be a few photos from Cubed3's official review system for you. In case anyone wish to check on out the complete collection associated with 147 photos, detailing the particulars of the hardware, controllers, game cases, and so on, verify out the extensive gallery over on Cubed3's Facebook Page.

Here are some samples:

Image pertaining to Cubed3Image regarding Cubed3Image with regard to Cubed3Image for Cubed3Image for Cubed3Image pertaining to Cubed3Image for Cubed3Image for Cubed3

Excited? Make sure a person pre-order yours before it's too late!

1 day ago

Twitch is holding a promotion for The Banner Saga 3 that includes donations to the game's Kickstarter

The first two games are free on Twitch Prime

Twitch is currently holding a promotion that is far too complicated to spell out in a simple headline. Right now, The Banner Saga 1 is free for all Twitch Prime members until February 28. Then on March 2 until March 6, The Banner Saga 2 will be free. Twitch will donate $1 to the Kickstarter for The Banner Saga 3 for every person who plays either one of those games through the Twitch launcher during those periods. More info related to Sky3DS .If you're worried this is because the campaign is currently not funded, put your fears to rest; the game has easily surpassed its $200,000 goal and this effort seems to be solely for the extra stretch goals.

Twitch will match up to $200,000, effectively granting all current stretch goals for the upcoming game. All Twitch Prime users who participate will also get some unspecified content in The Banner Saga 3, should you need more incentive to take part in this promotion.

I think this is a neat promotion on part of Twitch, even if it is a simple marketing ploy to get users signed up for Twitch Prime. Apparently it comes free with a subscription to Amazon Prime, so there are probably a lot of you who are eligible for this offer without even realizing it. You might as well.

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take a crack at these games and help the developers create the best possible finale.

Twitch Prime members get both Banner Saga games for free [MCV]

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4 days ago

Building Chicago In Minecraft

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Its no fantasy land or sci-fi expanse, but its still impressive: ateam of Minecraft builders are recreating the centre of Chicago, one block at a time.

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Their work isnt done, but whats there is very impressive, as it captures everything, from building details to street signs to trees on the sidewalk.

Its called The Loop, and if you want to try it out you can download it here.

5 days ago

Fallout 4 getting PS4 Pro update next week

Bethesda is finally adding PS4 Pro support to its popular RPG Fallout 4.

The update will boost the graphics to 1440p and include enhanced lighting and visual effects (such as longer draw distance, and more).

The update, called 1.9, will be released next week. More with regards to.

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R4isdhc Dual-Core .Bethesda didnt say if the update has any changes or addition to the regular version.

Theyve also released the first R4i-SDHC 3DS RTS Pro screenshot, which you can see above.

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5 days ago

'Voyageur' Review - A Long, Yet Not Always-Exciting, Journey

One of the things I like about games and books is their unlimited possibilities; the stories wecan create in both of those mediums are limited only by ourimagination, especially when video games trade fancy visuals for text-based gameplay. Failbetter Games' Fallen Londonis one of my favorite games precisely for its imaginative and expansive world whose variety I find highlyentertaining. Voyageur[$3.99], a piece of "interactive science fiction literature" as its developers call it, is inspired in many ways by Fallen London[Free], and that

1 week ago

Nintendo Store in New York will Have a "Comfortable Amount" of Switch Units for Launch

switch pic

Considering how quickly your Change pre-orders have out associated with stock basically worldwide, any large quantity of folks are concerned about the probability associated with picking one up with launch. In case a person intend on acquiring your own from your Nintendo Shop throughout new York City, USA, then you ought for you to be very happy to understand that a shop is actually promising for you to possess a comfortable quantity regarding units avaliable when the system launches in March 3rd.

You may remember the madness that will ensued following the NES Classic Edition out regarding stock extremely rapidly each inside pre-orders and also launch units last year. Make reference to the discussions concerning ,An important Nintendo3DS scientific studies group.Interestingly enough, the particular Nintendo NYC Retailer were built using a number of units avaliable. To get more on the subject of the most advanced crack tech with respect to Nintendo Console, see here.regarding a couple of days following launch. Along With which said, hopefully the actual scenario will play out similarly for your Switch.


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